A regular road  maintenance  programme needed
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October 14, 2022
A regular road maintenance programme needed

Editor: Roads play a very vital part of any country’s development as it aids the movement of people to and from various destinations. So it is important that there must be good roads. I know that in almost every country there are bad roads. However as old people say ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, meaning if something is dealt with early it can prevent something serious from occurring.

While we commend BRAGSA for doing a fairly good job there needs to be some attention given to the maintenance of roads. It is of importance that it is done early and not allowed to get worse. There are far too many pot holes that are not wide and shallow but narrow and deep throughout the country. These pot holes are dangerous
for when a vehicle gets into one of them the damage can be great. A wider, shallow hole will not be as dangerous as a narrow deep hole.

Many of these holes when they first appear have been left alone and now it becomes deeper and continues to be deeper. In this rainy season sometimes it is hard to avoid getting into these holes because they are filled with water.

I don’t know the reason or reasons why they are left to become so deep, Surely if there is proper maintenance on a regular basis by BRAGSA it will save in the long run thousands of dollars to eventually repair the roads that now have many deep potholes.

I strongly recommend that there be a regular team from BRAGSA with specific responsibility of maintenance on the roads. After all soon it will be the tourist season and we ought to be conscious of the fact that many tourist will be travelling throughout the country to various tourist sites. So these pot holes can give a negative view of this our blessed country.

The work done on paving part of the road leading to the Montreal Gardens is commendable. However, the failure to complete the road needs some explanation.
After all, this site is a tourist attraction and efforts must be made to have the road completed. For as it stands it is a deterrent to many when it comes to visiting the site since it is painful to have a vehicle travelling on the unfinished part of the road which is in a very bad condition.

I therefore urge those folks at BRAGSA to give more attention to road maintenance and let it done regularly and also to those in authority, please have the Montreal
Gardens road completed. Thanks very much.

Kennard King