It is time to increase prayers for the nation
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September 16, 2022
It is time to increase prayers for the nation

EDITOR: Death is something we could never get accustomed to. Yet we are faced with death of loved ones so often these days. It reminds us of how fragile life is and the fact that we are here today and gone tomorrow.

The uncertainty of life is but a reminder to take life seriously and be prepared. As we are seeing people dying and in some cases unexpected and without natural causes, while we have those of our loved ones are dying of natural causes. Be that as it may; there are some very important lessons to take on board.

Let us learn to live loving with each other. It starts with us forgiving and loving one another. No one is perfect and there are times when we would offend someone, but we need to forgive, respect and love. Often times we take life and each other for granted. But let us start to show appreciation for each other and for life.

Forgiveness we know is hard but when we forgive we allow God to forgive us, but if we don’t forgive then we are blocking our own forgiveness. Life is so fragile that those around us we see today we may not see them tomorrow, so let us show them how much we appreciate them.

It is time we as a nation stop the pulling down and hatred of one another. It is time we turn to God and give him our lives. This would encircle every one of us including the politicians and preachers. Let us be prepared to meet God for we do not know when our time will come. It is time to start to serve God and get back to moral standards.

It is time to awaken out of our loose living and live righteously before God. Let us get back to the days of being our brother’s keeper and live in unity, for only God can save us. Most importantly it is time to increase our prayer for this nation. Let us stop focusing on politicians and focus on Christ. Only He can bring about peace and it is he who has set the time of our departure. So let us live today as if it was our last and let Christ [be] placed back into our lives and homes. As a result righteous will exalt a nation but sin as the bible says is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14: 34.

May God bless us all and sincerest condolences to those who are mourning the loss of their loved ones. May the God of comfort bring peace and comfort to all.

Kennard King