There is a need for an organised bus system
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March 18, 2022

There is a need for an organised bus system

EDITOR: The bus system continues to be a problem to commuters throughout the island. Let us take for example, North Leeward. On any given day coming home and going to town certain time of the day is difficult.

In North Leeward there are not many vans that operate, it is mainly taxis. However, most of the vans and taxis are available in the early hours up to around 7:30 a.m. After that there is long period of waiting. Coming from town many times commuters have to rush to secure a seat in either a taxi or a van. This definitely is not good for the travelling public. There needs to be an organised bus system not only here in North Leeward but throughout the island.

It is unfortunate that the e-bus monitors is like a white elephant since it is hardly used because hardly anyone has registered in the system.

The installation of such a monitor is good and can provide relevant information to the commuters, since they would be able to monitor vans location and estimated time of arrival. This can illuminate some of the anxiety of commuters. The problem is that hardly any vans or taxis that transport passengers have registered and utilised the system.

I would like briefly to recommend an organised system, where the ebus monitor is utilised and also the minivans association along with the minivans do a line up system as is done in some Caribbean islands. This can illuminate the running against one another mentality and will ensure a regular flow of transport at short intervals. This will also reduce the aggressiveness and harassing of passengers by some conductors, while at the same time offering some fairness to each operator.

I know it will be a difficult task to do since we are dealing with people and this method was tried in North Leeward but did not last that long.

It would require organising in each locality, which calls for active minivans association in each constituency. I would implore upon the executive of the minivans association to take the lead in discussion with van operators and aid in the formation and activeness of minivans association in each constituency and in some cases it may require more than one association in a constituency depending on the size of the constituency and the amount of vans.

Let us hope for an improved bus system.

Kennard King