Will the resumption of face to face be safe?
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October 8, 2021
Will the resumption of face to face be safe?

EDITOR: While quite a number of parents are calling for face to face classes, others, while preferring face to face, are wondering still if doing so will be safe. Covid figures are rising rapidly around St.Vincent and the Grenadines and many children are contracting it. A number of villages are hotspots for Covid.

If schools reopen face to face, might this be a recipe for a greater increase in covid cases among children and teachers? While education is important, should the health of students and teachers be sacrificed for the sake of secular education? What will the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health do about the reopening of schools face to face? Will doing so be a wise idea? I do hope they come to a decision that will keep our children as safe as possible.

A Very Concerned Citizen