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April 27, 2018

Obsession could lead to violence and death


EDITOR: Obsession as is defined as a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling. In layman term, it is a compelling motivation.

Obsession can be a dangerous thing. This, many times, has lead to violent action. Some people are so obsessed with money that they would kill for it. Some people are so obsessed with sex that it causes them to do anything just to get it. Some rape, molest others and even prostitute because of their obsession.

Also, some people are so obsessed with hatred for others that they would kill, slander, defame or try to destroy the person by whatever means. Some people are in relationships based on obsession and realises it later on in life that it wasn’t love.

This obsession can be seen when a person mind is overly pre-occupied with the other person, they even imagine things that are not real. There is a deep urge for that individual and as a result, this sometimes lead to mental and psychological illness. The obsessed person’s expectation is very high and is looking forward to have the things of which he/she dreams. This can be very dangerous and this person may get violent.

One of the reasons why there are broken hearts is because the relationship was built on obsession and not genuine love. Genuine love acts maturely and grows. There is no such thing as falling in love. This idea is indeed dangerous.

Sometimes in the case of relationships, a person who is obsessed may go places and get involved in activities, not because he/she is interested, but just to be with the person whom he/she cannot lose sight of. Also the person who is obsessed does strange things, such as trying to take on a different lifestyle and just go along with the other person to have him/her.

Therefore, it is important that we be genuine and not allows ourselves to be obsessed. This can destroy a person’s life. May God help us as a people to look to the Lord and do whatever He says. Let love reign. God bless us all.

Kennard King