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April 24, 2018

Government should take a second look at AIA security


EDITOR: Maybe our government needs to take a second look at the security and screening procedures at the Argyle Airport. The complaints by travellers are too numerous and they are increasing. I am aware that it is an international airport and as such, certain standards have to be met, but these complaints about the manner in which some security/ screening officers treat travellers reveal a deficiency in their training. I have heard – “Well those are the rules, if you don’t like them you can go elsewhere”. I listened in utter amazement. The only airport I’ve heard similar sentiments is at Grantley Adams in Barbados. Certainly we can do better and must do better.

A second practice at the airport, is where passengers are called to witness the searching of their luggage. This should only be done when unidentified objects are seen through the scanner. I’ve seen one passenger furious over the embarrassment when he/she was called and only clothing was in the suitcase. This is ridiculous and reveals the incompetence of the screeners.

They should be trained to spot dangerous objects and have them removed.

To have honest passengers subjected to this indignity is disgraceful.

Thirdly, a man comes up to the personnel scanner barefooted. The attendant says to him “Take off your shoe”… the fellow exploded and the young lady couldn’t calm him. Again, training is the problem.

I’ve experienced also where items were removed from the luggage and I only found out when I arrived at my destination. No one said, we had to remove items for whatever reasons. What then became of the items removed? They are the property of the passenger.

I had items removed from my suitcase at JFK and a worker located me in the departure lounge and told me where the items were and how to reclaim them.

In all my travels, the only airport where items disappeared from my luggage is at Grantley Adams in Barbados.

Certainly, editor, we can and should do better.

Training is paramount.

We cannot leave our visitors and travellers with a bitter taste in their mouths, having used the airport. It doesn’t augur well for our tourism. The airport is the first and last contact for visitor on entering and leaving our shores. Let the experiences be pleasant.

I would love to see a closer look been taken to address these concerns, so that our airport, of which all of us are proud, can be the best in the Caribbean.

We can be that and should be that.

Selmon Walters