Our Readers' Opinions
March 23, 2018
Some policewomen could be very unpleasant

EDITOR: There are, without doubt, in the constabulary of SVG, a number of female officers who are professional in their approach to members of the public.

These noble women meet all the criteria and decorum to be hailed as symbols of virtue in our local constabulary. They comport themselves with dignity and grace in the public domain and they are not aggressive or contemptuous to civilians.

However, there is a growing presence of some female elements who are, metaphorically, pigs in human garb. The few of whom I am writing are coarse, uncultured and primitive in their approach to civil society. They are men’s nightmare!

Unfortunately they lack the grace, the warmth, the friendliness and the co-operative spirit that characterize good and effective public policing.

I humbly recommend to the hierarchy of the police organization that training in public relations be given to the undesirable members of the organization.

Uncouth and swinish behaviour are intolerable traits that could only spoil the smooth administration of the constabulary, put it in disrepute and ultimately damage its image and reputation. Policewomen, you know who you are. Check yourself, before you wreck your reputations!

Patmos Richards