Our Readers' Opinions
March 16, 2018
Many ladies contribute to abuse of themselves, as well as partners

EDITOR: There is much talk about women being abused. I absolutely do not support abuse of any kind, whether against children, women or men. However, the reality is that it does exist. Come to think of it, many ladies contribute to this. What do I mean when I say this?

Intimacy has always been a need and will continue to be a need. Thus women, as well as men, get into a “relationship” for intimacy. But with that intimacy is the desire for rewards, such as finance and other things. This has lead to both men and women experiencing abuse.

Sometimes these women get into a relationships, not simply out of financial need, but for support, both morally and financially. Of course that is no excuse for anyone to dish out abuse.

Sometimes women abuse other women. We seldom hear about that, but men are always seen as the abusers. When women put themselves with a man knowing that he has a wife, girlfriend or other women, they are not just opening themselves to abuse, but what happens sometimes is that both women attack each other verbally and otherwise. The women don’t attack the man verbally or otherwise, but they do that to other woman. This is also abuse against women. So women abuse women and this seems to be accepted worldwide.

In the aforementioned, not only women abuse women, but they themselves are opening the door for abuse. They know that sooner or later someone is going to be hurt. To really expect not to get hurt is fantasy. It is therefore important that women look inwards and see themselves as valuable and not just as sex objects.

Women need to become more independent and put some dignity to their life. Far too often, ladies lower themselves to a sex objects, with emphasis on looking sexy and seeking to be good sex partners. To them that is all that matters and thus they would look at life from that angle and so give themselves to men regardless.

Kennard King