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March 6, 2018
SVG needs more people who are predominantly fair, free of injustice

EDITOR: This country has its challenges and Vincentians should work to ensure its growth and focus on making it a better place for locals and visitors. We need to realize that it’s not up to politicians or any single individual to do more than the other. Every time I sit, see and think about this country’s future, Mr Glen Jackson comes to mind and those of us who were born in the 60s were fortunate to have met him. Glen Jackson was not perfect, but he always did what he had to do for St Vincent and the Grenadines. We know of his exploits on radio and how he helped Dr Gonsalves and the ULP in the 2001 general elections. Can we say there have been any developments since the ULP became Government? Yes. Are there any setbacks? Yes. Are Vincentians better off? Glen Jackson would have said yes, but more should have happened for Vincentians under the leadership of Dr Gonsalves, because that was the nature of Glen Jackson.

While writing this article, I remember his sentiments on various matters that affected St Vincent and the Grenadines and airport development on mainland St Vincent was his dream. Words couldn’t describe how Glen Jackson would have felt about the Argyle International Airport’s completion.

Madam Editor, Glen Jackson was truly my best friend and friends like Glen, one doesn’t forget! He placed St Vincent and the Grenadines first above everything else and the only person that demonstrates the same level of impartiality is Mr Jomo Thomas. Our country needs more persons who are predominantly fair and free of injustice. Imagine our country has so many great minds, but yet they remain quiet about the issues that affect our country and Glen would have been immensely disappointed.

The relationship I had with Glen puts me in a unique position to share his thoughts on issues affecting this country – criminal activities, unemployment, drugs, homosexuality, incest, and the lack of values expressed by the minority of Vincentians who are creating a lot of problems for our country.

Glen Jackson, I know you would have been so disturbed by these issues that are affecting, St Vincent and the Grenadines. His contributions will always be remembered by me and numerous Vincentians. He will continue to be missed by me and his influence will always have an impact on my outlook at life. I am your friend and I always will be your best friend!

Kinsley Defreitas