Our Readers' Opinions
March 6, 2018
More attention needs to be given to us in North Leeward

Editor: North Leeward has been given and continues to receive much attention lately. Putting aside our political difference, it cannot be said that monies have not been spent in North Leeward. The Spring Village bridge, the work done on both the German and English gutter, the renovation and upgrading of the Chateaubelair Hospital to a smart hospital and other projects, are evidence of money being spent in North Leeward. For this, we are grateful.

However, despite the economic challenges that we are experiencing, some more attention needs to be given to us in North Leeward. It is not that we are ungrateful, greedy or unthankful, but rather, it’s the urgency of the hour.

The road that collapsed at Sharpes, the weakened structure of the bridge at the power plant at Fitz-Hughes and the broken road at Golden Grove need some urgent attention, since almost daily, tourists visit that side of the island and when they do, they have to travel on the very narrow by-pass road at Sharpes, in order to get to their designated destinations.

While traffic has been flowing smoothly on that side, it is a risk, because of the narrowness and the amount of traffic that now traverses that small bridge. Likewise, the bridge at Fitz-Hughes can collapse at any moment and pose a serious problem, since it would be impossible for any vehicle to go beyond that point, because there is no alternative route. If that becomes a harsh reality, then tourists would not be able to visit the lovely Dark View falls. Similarly, with the closure of the road at Golden Grove, this creates an inconvenience for motorists who wish to travel that route.

I, therefore, solicit help in prioritizing projects and giving some urgent attention to the aforementioned. Fixing the problem will see more tourists visiting our lovely sites on that side of the island. Failure to address it in a reasonable time can lead to fear of travelling on those roads and also can create more damage to these already weakened structures.

Thank you for your kind consideration, as we await a speedy solution.

Kennard King