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March 2, 2018
Shuttle service at Arnos Vale will ease traffic in Kingstown

EDITOR: Today (27/02), I heard, in part, a radio discussion regarding the amount of traffic congestion in Kingstown and the associated problems this is causing.

The following suggestion may have been discussed before I was able to connect with the programme.

However, if this was not the case, I would make the following (layman’s) suggestion that may go some way to lessen this problem.

At the moment there is a virtually unused car park being under-utilized at the site of  what was the ET Joshua Airport.

For the benefit of traffic/motorists using this routing into Kingstown, why cannot this mostly unused car park be turned into a Park and Ride facility?

Those coming into Kingstown from that area park there, and a shuttle service of dedicated vans then transport them to and from Kingstown.

I believe that such a system would derive a number of benefits – it would very much reduce the congestion now being experienced on the road(s) into and within Kingstown, allow more parking places for those who cannot take advantage of this facility and alleviate the pain of those who now use that route, driving around in ever decreasing circles, trying to claim a parking space for their working day or shopping expedition.

A W Indupp