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February 20, 2018
I’m on the boat too, but right now it nah go no-way!

EDITOR: I smiled from beginning to end as I read the refreshing piece by Shafia London, reminiscing on a four-article series published in “The Vincentian” about a decade ago, with the topic “Looking at Ganja positively”. What I said then, is encapsulated in the words written by a level-headed Shafia. I wondered if this brilliant young lady had read those articles, but then I remembered that great minds think alike.

The Government will be making a blunder if they do not, at the same time, decriminalize ganja for recreational use, when they do so for medical marijuana. It has already blundered by stating that it would not be legalizing ganja for personal use … so, when a doctor prescribes ganja, isn’t it for personal use? They are the ones creating the confusion.

The London Police decided to conduct a survey a few years ago and refrained from arresting persons caught with small amounts of marijuana in a few boroughs and decided to continue to arrest, as was the norm, in other boroughs. Their findings revealed that there was less crime in the areas where they stopped arresting persons for small quantities of weed (up to two pounds, not two ounces).

The main reason being that if a person is arrested and fined, they would invariably commit other crimes to pay their fines. So now, all over London, the pressure has been eased with regard to cannabis possession.

To cut a long story short, “I’m on the boat a long time now, but the boat ain’t going anywhere, because it don’t have no engine, and talk aint going to make it move, … we talking too long !!! Time for action, decriminalization, followed by total legalization, with proper control and education is what is needed to propel this country forward.” With the AIA as our international gateway, Amerijet and

other carriers will be flying out of Argyle at least three times per week, loaded with precious cargo that will bring healing for the suffering. SVG will become a popular destination for year-round medical and nature tourism.

I end, as I began, by commending Shafia for some brilliant ideas. When I analyze what positive young people are thinking and saying, I know that the future of SVG is in good hands, once given the opportunity.

Donald A De Riggs

Retired teacher