Our Readers' Opinions
February 16, 2018
Let us, as a people, put our country before party

EDITOR: In a free democratic country like ours, demonstrations are expected. I don’t think that any right-thinking Vincentian, who has a level head, will oppose demonstrations, once they are peaceful.

The last sitting of Parliament, when the Appropriations Bill was presented in the House of Assembly, a demonstration was held. It was organized and conducted by the opposition New Democratic Party. While there were and still are, varying views about the demonstration, the disrespect shown during the playing of the national anthem and the booing of the Governor General cannot be accepted.

The Governor General, who is the Queen’s representative, is not a political figure and has nothing to do with what the Opposition perceive as the reasons for their demonstration. Similarly so, to be booing while the national anthem is being played is total disrespect. In every nation, while the national anthem is played, due respect is shown. To descend to such a low state is indeed shameful.

I trust that as a people we would grow up and realize that the country comes before any political party and politician. For the politicians here today will not be politicians for life, but our country will be here even when we are gone. No excuse can be justifiable for such disrespect.

Let us, as a people, put our country before party. While we have a right to criticize and demonstrate, we must give respect where respect is due. Let us be mature in our thinking and behaviour. God bless SVG.

Kennard King