Our Readers' Opinions
February 13, 2018
Some drivers, conductors need to do better on the road

EDITOR: Transportation is a very important service and we do appreciate the service rendered by public transport. Of course, without this, it would be difficult for many persons to attend schools, colleges, jobs and other functions and activities.

While we ought to take our hats off to the many drivers and conductors who are doing a good job, there is an element of both drivers and conductors who make it frightening to be travelling, both in the vans and on the road. Those are the ones that are irresponsible and careless.

These persons, at times, drive under the influence of alcohol and so do their conductors. Some of them, at times, stop at shops and would buy a beer or Guinness, while on duty transporting passengers. Sometimes private vehicle operators do the same thing.

Oftentimes these folks can be seen with the beer in their hand while driving. Some of the conductors also, are seen with beer in their hand and sometimes they even drink rum with Pepsi. This to them is cool.

Such practices put the lives of their passengers and road users in general at risk. When a person is under the influence of alcohol, he or she is not in full control of his thoughts, judgement and vision. Therefore, with such possibilities, I don’t have to say any more to convince that it is a very high risk for passengers to be travelling under such conditions. I therefore call on drivers and conductors to conduct themselves properly. After all, it is a business, but the lives of others are important. You never know, the life lost or person injured due to driving under the influence of alcohol could be that of your own, or someone close to you.

I know that it is hard for the police to determine if someone is driving under the influence of alcohol, unless the person is clearly drunk, or seen by the police drinking. The time has come for police officers to be equipped with breathalysers.

We know a person can be charged with driving under the influence, but how many persons have been charged, except when there is an accident? I, therefore, call on the police traffic branch to step up in this all-important area. Let us not wait until more serious accidents occur.

Kennard King