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February 9, 2018
EXCUSE ME while I slam on my brakes – Blinding lights

Editor: Excuse me while I slam on the brakes!! Especially if you were driving behind me. At least my brake lights are red and maybe you would understand.  It is just that the road in front of me became invisible, undetectable, and just maybe wasn’t there. I dared to go no further, and slammed on the brakes. And I do mean I put the pedal to the floor. 

Why should I continue to drive when I cannot see the road?  What if it curves a little? That would have serious consequences to my tires or frame.  What if an animal was on the road, or more importantly, what if a human stepped out?

Where did the road go? This time it is not the fault of the pot hole fixers, or lack of material of whatever it is that they fill those holes with. The road was there, just before I was blinded by the fog lights of the oncoming vehicle. When is the last time we had fog here? Do we really need these lights? 

Then, there are the unregulated, unnecessary, unfocused, untrained LED bright headlights.  Who allows them on the road? They are absolutely blinding to young and old. I thought it was my age, but when young passengers complain about not being able to see, it really is the bright lights. 

When I can’t see the road, I am going to STOP, middle of my side of the road, quickly, and unexpectedly. 

Oh, since when did turn signals become white? Or parking lights green or blue?  What about the van that has the whole front grill covered with these dangerous to other drivers LED lights? Maybe he can see better, but I am slamming on the brakes. 

Come on, police; these are easy to spot on the road at night (and during the day) and handing out tickets, or impounding vehicles will make money for the SVG Government. 

It might just prevent someone from rear ending me.

Blinded Driver