Our Readers' Opinions
February 2, 2018
Live entertainment a great welcome for tourists

EDITOR: It is indeed encouraging to see the many tourists that come to our shores daily, mainly from the cruise ships. This not only brings economic benefit to the treasury, but also to many taxis, restaurants and other businesses.

It is indeed commendable the welcome that is shown to the visitors, as the cultural presentations of steel pans and live entertainment in the form of musical bands play and sing for these visitors. It is something that the tourists enjoy, as many dance and sing to the many songs that are played. Keep it up guys; you are doing a good job.

The Tourism Department ought to be complimented as well, for their hard work and for a good job. We know that there is always room for improvement.

However, there is no doubt that our town needs to improve in its cleanliness and outlook. Thus, we, as Vincentians, must put aside our political differences and keep our town clean. We must avoid the littering and urinating in public places. Far too often we are greeted with a high odour of urine in some places in Kingstown. This, we must desist from. We must endeavour to dispose of our garbage properly, so as to keep our town clean.

The proposal by Government to clean up Kingstown and give the town an improved look must be welcomed and embraced by all, regardless of our

political loyalty. We know that we have heard talks before about doing so,

but it was never done and in some areas met with resistance. Thus, I call upon the authorities to work with the Opposition, as well as the public at large, in doing so. After all, a healthy town will be a benefit to one and all, regardless of our political persuasion and an unhealthy town can be detrimental to all.


Kennard King