Our Readers' Opinions
January 26, 2018
National Council of Women remains prudent and vigilant

Editor, The National Council of Women (NCW) remains steadfast in its quest to see the removal of all forms of discrimination against women, whether educational, legal, economical, social or otherwise, so as to ensure that their status and welfare are promoted and protected, so that they are able to be fully involved in the development of self, family and the nation.

The Council focuses on issues affecting women and the girl child, educating and motivating stakeholders to live a healthy, well-rounded and developed livelihood.

The NCW, as a responsible organization, has been to date discreet in its duty to speak on the matter which involves 22-year-old Ottley Hall resident, Yugge Farrell and Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves and his wife Karen Gonsalves. In that vein, the Council continues to gather the facts before any official statement is made.

However, the unfolding events shine light on certain legal, moral, social and mental issues affecting our nation. The NCW therefore wants to ensure that every citizen regardless of gender, race or class is permitted the space for justice. Yugge and her family can be assured that the eyes of the NCW are on the case and a call will be made for women’s groups across the Caribbean to stand in solidarity.

Beverly Richards

President – National Council of Women