Our Readers' Opinions
January 19, 2018
The sex culture is very rampant in SVG

Editor, There are several cultures that are prevailing over this land of ours. The culture is simply a way of life.

There is a sex culture that is so rampant. This culture includes even Christians and just about any class of persons and profession. It is felt that sex must be had. That if you don’t have it then something is wrong with you. People are involved in this activity for various reasons; amongst them is money.

There is a culture of unfaithfulness in every sphere of this nation. Many cannot be satisfied with just one partner. Because of our mentality towards sex, it is okay to have it with someone else besides your spouse. For some with the same sex. Long ago persons were faithful to their spouse, but today it is accepted for a man to have several ladies and the ladies are comfortable with a man having several ladies. This they say is acceptable and it is just life.

People no longer feel guilty for being so sexually active with different partners. Even in unfaithfulness there is sometimes no guilt, but an acceptance that it is normal. No wonder there are so many divorces and dysfunctional families. Children are left without role models and are embracing the idea of persons having multiple partners. What a time!

The culture of resolving disagreement with violence has become a popular culture here in this once blessed land of ours. Even children resolve disputes and differences by violent means. After all their parents and adults do it; the gun culture has taken over in many cases, where many homes can boast of having a gun.

So, this bad man mentality consumes the thoughts that we no longer forbear with each other and try to solve our differences peacefully. We quickly take action by the use of a gun. We have, as a result, thrown out the window the respect for lives and property. Instead it is a norm to shoot or do something violent, which can result in the death or injury of others.

The culture of Christian peace, love and respect has gone out of the window. May God bless this nation and let us return to God. Let us uphold moral and dignity and restore this country. God bless us and SVG.

Kennard King