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January 12, 2018
Teacher, parent, student: an equal effort is necessary


On Monday, January 8, school reopened. Teachers, we know, are very important persons in our nation. If we are honest, we would admit that teachers are not like those say 10 to 15 years ago. Nevertheless, many are doing a fantastic job and deserve our appreciation and respect. However, a great number of our teachers are just there for the salary, rather than the love of it and for the love of children.

It is a known fact that teachers are amongst the highest paid workers in our nation. Besides the salaries, they get vacations three times per year and that does not include their long leave and maternity leave, in the case of a woman.

I grew up in an era when teachers were seen as fathers and mothers in the community and role models. They were also seen as counsellors and mentors. Today, however, things have changed. Teachers are just like any ordinary persons. Little respect is shown to some teachers, while those of the older age group are still held in high esteem and respect.

Teachers of the past recovered very little, as compared to today, yet they gave more than 100 per cent to students. They were dedicated and taught with love and discipline. Of course, there were the odd ones who gave the profession a bad name.

As we begin another school term, it is my hope that teachers will indeed work very hard to see the success of each child. I know it is more challenging than in years gone by and that it is harder now to administer discipline as it used to be in days gone by. I trust that we will see a dedicated staff in each school, where teachers report to work early and daily.

Teachers, I hope, will exhibit a greater love and fairness in the class. Also, those teachers will seek to be firm on discipline and also be willing to be like a father/mother figure to the teachers. That they will seek to dress modestly while at school and become a role model to our dear students. After all, they ought to love their job and children.

May we have a productive and prosperous school year! Also parents would take up their responsibility to ensure that their child/children are at school and on time and also that they are well trained. Also, some parents need to show more interest in their child’s development and give support when required.

Kennard King