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December 8, 2017
Government will need a warrant to take our sex toys

EDITOR: When I first heard, several months ago, that “sex toys” were considered contraband in St Vincent, I was mildly amused: no doubt some tourists would be slightly inconvenienced by such seizures at the airport, but would humorously recount the experience to their friends upon returning to their home countries in a few days, and then repurchasing same — a minor inconvenience.  But then I read the lengthy defence of the ban by a government employee, citing the support and enforcement of public morality as the basis for the restriction. I have found nothing in the writings of Luther, Knox, Calvin, or the Bible (Old or New Testaments), or the papal encyclicals, that address the notion of sex toys.

   What right, in a democracy, does any Government have to tell you or me what consenting adults may do in the privacy of their bedroom?  This is not “Leonidas at the pass”, protecting his countrymen; it is King Canute, willfully, ignorantly, futilely commanding the tides to cease.

   Fortunately, all of my children have taken up citizenship abroad, in Europe and North America, where they have free access to whatever devices may provide sexual satisfaction for themselves and their spouses. My wife and I have hidden our sex toys under our mattress; the Government will need a warrant to come in and seize them.

Just wait until you see the letter that results from that!