Our Readers' Opinions
December 8, 2017
Find a permanent shelter for homeless persons

EDITOR: Now that the “tin cup” is back out (the Government seeking loans, grants, etc for a new hospital, a Government hotel, various new development projects, etc)… may I humbly suggest that some funds be sought for a shelter for homeless individuals and families?

 The police rounded up many homeless individuals prior to the beginning of the cruise ship season, but they were all incarcerated at the Mental Health Centre. Not everyone who is homeless is crazy; some are just indigent or have been neglected, for one reason or another, by their families.  Sending every homeless family or individual to the Mental Health Centre is wrong and outrageous.

   If we can’t provide jobs or public assistance, we should at least be able to provide a roof and food. We seem able to readily provide funds for many less worthy projects.