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December 5, 2017
Let’s boost Bequia New Year’s Eve celebration

Dear Friends,

Bequia’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display has become a regular feature of the holiday season here in Bequia, bringing pleasure to visitors, homeowners, yachtsmen, and of course, to the people of Bequia young and old. There can be no doubt that our little island certainly sees in the New Year in style – or as a journalist for the UK’s Sunday Telegraph recently put it: “… (with) a scale and grandeur that wouldn’t disappoint in London or Hong Kong!”

This year, more than ever, we need to lift everyone’s spirits. Here in Bequia, the off-season between Easter and October has been a very challenging time, and around our region and the world, there has been more than the usual share of tragedy and uncertainty. With your support, we believe that our show this year will truly help start the New Year with both joy and renewed optimism for all who witness it.

The fireworks have been ordered, the duty-free concessions from Government have been secured, all formalities for importation are in place and all-volunteer Bang Gang is already hard at work with their planning. All that remains now is to ensure that we have the necessary funds to pay our bills. Without more support, particularly from the local community, the event will surely come to an end; so we invite you once again to think about how much this means to the island, and to make a contribution, however small.

Cheques, made payable to Bequia New Year’s Eve Celebration, may be sent to:

Bequia New Year’s Eve Celebration

c/o PO Box 128 BQ, Bequia

… or delivered to the Frangipani Hotel for my personal attention. Donations may also be left at the Bequia Tourism Office for collection. Please contact us directly if you need wiring details from overseas.

With all best wishes for 2018 and grateful thanks in advance for your support,

Yours sincerely,

Sir James Mitchell


Bequia NYE Celebration Committee