Our Readers' Opinions
December 5, 2017
Boneheaded parking

EDITOR: In the past week I had cause to shop in Kingstown and intended to use the facilities of the Solidarity car park. I duly joined what I thought was the car park queue, becoming the fourth in line. After some time had elapsed, it dawned on me that I was not fourth in line for the car park, but had parked behind three illegally parked cars that were blocking the car park entrance and in effect causing a “false” queue.

I discussed this matter with the very kind, courteous and professional car park staff and discovered that this is not an isolated incident, but happens with the utmost regularity on a daily basis.

I can only assume that there are two reasons for this: that the offenders’ eyesight is so poor that they cannot read the NO PARKING SIGNS, even though they are printed in three-foot high letters in bright yellow paint. If this is the case and their eyesight is so deficient, then they are a menace to themselves and all other road-users and should cease driving with immediate effect!! Rather, I think the case is that these cretinous, moronic, self-centred individuals have the assumed arrogance to believe that they have the God-given right to park where they like, regardless of any applicable parking restrictions that may apply to us lesser mortals!!

What makes this situation 10 times worse is the proximity of these offences to the Traffic Office situated in the Central Police Station. Can any high echelon member of the police force explain why it is impossible for any member of the Traffic Police to get off their backsides at given intervals, perhaps every 30 or 60 minutes, walk a few yards

from their office and move on, ticket or better still clamp those illegally parked, as I have described? I would have thought that such action would be part and parcel of enforcing the parking regulations so diligently painted on the roadside.

AW Indupp