Our Readers' Opinions
November 28, 2017
Social media

EDITOR: Social media forms part of our culture and it is ever increasing. It has its good and its bad. Unfortunately, much of social media has become negative in its content.

There are many persons who are on Facebook, one of the more popular social media sites.

There are many positives on Facebook; amongst them are the posting of news and intelligent information, as well as good spiritual messages. Sadly though, many use Facebook to get back at each other. Some use their democratic freedom that we are blessed with to criticize and pull down political parties. This, though, has its ugly side, in that it sometimes causes many negatives and personal attacks. Sometimes anger is vented on these sites and exposes the lack of mature thinking by many. This can be seen by those who, rather than dealing with issues, become personal and sometimes slander and degrade others.

It is important that people think before they write, because it can have a negative impact on the persons who write without thought or self-control. For example, a person can be charged for cybercrime and they can also be sued. Added to that, I often wonder if some people realize the harm it can do to them when they write things that are untrue, slanderous and immature. Oftentimes these comments are read throughout the world. I guess some people don’t realize that their comments can either cause them to be looked upon negatively, or admired positively.

Sometimes persons who are qualified for a job may be denied the opportunity to serve in their desired post simply because the bosses would have been following the comments made by the applicant. If such an applicant consistently comments negatively, is impolite and slanderous, then such a person would not be looked upon favourably by the persons responsible for giving the jobs. If, however, the comments are intelligent, not biased and truthful, those persons would be looked upon favourably.

It is without doubt that social media exposes the person’s character, as seen by their comments. It can also create division, strife and stir up anger.

Let us be mature in our thinking and as a result, it would reflect in the comments and writings we put on social media. Let us continue to use this medium to educate others and also give encouragement. May God help us to build up and not pull down each other. Let us use social media wisely.

Kennard King