Our Readers' Opinions
November 24, 2017
Who is this Margaret London?

EDITOR: That was a question, charged with disdain, which someone posed on one of the radio talk show programs some months ago.

Margaret London is first of all a citizen of St Vincent and the Grenadines, a woman who is a qualified skilled and dedicated nurse, the likes of whom we don’t have enough of in SVG.

Besides that, she has been making an excellent contribution to the development of our country. Her intellectual acumen has been for years now exhibited on several fora and she is to be complimented for that. Indeed, she has put to shame the spineless apathetic male intellectuals among us, who have so blatantly abandoned their roles as leaders of thought, which they had seemed equipped for, they have now become like beautiful barnacles at the bottom of the ship, indifferent to the direction we are headed.

As a result of this dereliction, they have put tremendous pressure on our precious women.

Nicole Sylvester’s case is an example of the degree to which our women have been burdened, as a result of the ineptitude of our menfolk.

I am confident that Margaret London will not easily squander her honour to the extent that she will say the opposite of what she has been saying for months. Time will test her to be a woman of principle. Long life to her; the country needs her, the woman, Margaret London.

Leroy Providence