Our Readers' Opinions
October 26, 2017
It’s high time for serious discussion

EDITOR: Although SVG is a small country with a population of about 112 000, it seems that the job of managing the state is a bit too much for the 15 Members of Parliament and the matter is made worse when there are only eight persons elected to the Government benches, half of whom are seemingly not oriented towards the faithful addressing of the interest of the broader society as their priority.

The perception is that Dr Gonsalves’ propensity for micro-managing has overburdened himself, while others are content with merely exhibiting what sometimes seems “robotic faithfulness” to him. This is a far cry from the promise that the ULP made to the people in 2001.

I am particularly concerned about the seeming indifference of groups like the ODD, who had promised to be at the vanguard of ensuring that democratic principles were adhered to. There were also the trade unions, the churches (CCC) and other bodies, which had seemed committed to the ensuring of transparency, equity and justice. Today, however, despite the exposure of several instances of blatant injustice, the distinguished people of these organizations are now silent; preoccupied, perhaps, with the enjoyment of their privileged status, they cannot spare the time and energy.

But it is clearly obvious to concerned citizens that there is a cloud on the horizon, an ominous looking cloud, charged with material which, if dumped on us, could be very devastating. In recent months we have been having some vital signs to which we should not be indifferent.

There is need for serious conversation now on several issues, such as policing, agriculture, health, fishing and the economy. For some time now, we seem to have been merely playing games and we cannot afford to continue in that manner. We need to give ourselves a chance to succeed. Now is the time for serious discussions!

Leroy Providence