Our Readers' Opinions
October 20, 2017
North Leeward says thanks

EDITOR: In 1 Thessalonians 5:18, we are told that in everything give thanks. So, I take this opportunity, as a citizen of this country, to say thanks. Very often, as Vincentians, we are so political that even saying thanks is given a political spin and depending on which party we support, we refuse to give thanks.

Over the years North Leeward has been neglected in many areas; now today, much attention is being given to it. The Cumberland Playing Field is indeed something to give thanks for. This beautiful playing field can and will enhance the development of the area in many ways. It is now left to the sporting bodies to organize games and properly utilize the playing field. Also, this sporting ground can help to develop tourism in the area, since it is next to the Cumberland Bay. If regional games are held there, it will attract persons from different walks of life and should be a main feature when advertising tourism sites in North Leeward. For this, we give thanks.

North Leeward is a large constituency, with a large number of children attending schools both in and outside the area – as far as Kingstown and in some cases, Arnos Vale and Villa. As a result, the need arose for more buses to transport them to and from the various educational institutions. So, the additional two school buses on lease from the Government are indeed very welcome.

It can never be said that North Leeward is not well served with school buses. We know that the government school bus is not operating. However, we have five buses operating out of North Leeward, plus three other small vans that transport schoolchildren. For this, we say thanks.

Of course, there are still children who choose to travel with the regular vans. But with the number of school buses, children can reach to school early and reach back home early as well. For this, we ought to give thanks.

These school buses do not discriminate as to whom they carry. Thus children from both sides of the political fence are benefitting and so are the parents. For this, we give thanks.

Let us, as a people, appreciate the good. For the Lord wants us to give thanks in everything.

Kennard King