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October 13, 2017
Little being done to stop gun violence, murder in SVG

EDITOR: When will the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines implement common-sense gun laws so that the public can feel safer?  

I was writing on the uptick in murders on the island for years and it seems as though little or nothing is being done to stop the hemorrhaging of gun violence and murders. Twenty-eight homicides already and the year is not ended.  I am sure some of those deaths are from illegal guns. The oligarchs of Saint Vincent are not affected by the violent crimes, so they are numb to the pain and suffering the victim’s family has to endure.

Every murder on the island diminishes the quality of life of its citizens; furthermore, the policy makers can do a much better job in the reduction of capital crimes.  How about creating incentives to give young people hope, such as outreach programmes, workshops for jobs, innovation, and drugs awareness.  The people who are in the media have a responsibility also for writing about crime and not just stuff that only benefits their pockets; so they can do much more.  Drugs on the island are in high demand and the only beneficiaries are the fat cats that have logistics to transport the goods and money.

Saint Vincent is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, yet one of the most violent in terms of major crimes, which is not proportional to the size of the island. Vincentians should speak out and stand up and let their voices be heard… give a damn about your lovely island; don’t let crime sink your island into the abyss of misery and poverty, because that is what will happen if the senseless violence doesn’t stop.  

Another phenomenon that the island is facing is globalization. People from all over are coming to the island and not all have good intentions.  The leaders are taking security as if it is just another word, but who does not learn from their mistake today will surely repeat it tomorrow.

K Coombs

Editor’s Note: There were 34 homicides in St Vincent and the Grenadines up to the date of this publication.