Our Readers' Opinions
September 29, 2017
Let us be prepared to receive benefits from these storms

Editor: We are currently experiencing, as some say, the worst hurricane season. Many countries in the Caribbean and beyond have experienced storms of different kinds. The devastations have caused many to question God and ask the question, “Why?” However, the answers to this question we may never know.

It is indeed remarkable how Vincentians both home and abroad have contributed to those who have suffered in the recent hurricanes. We are indeed loving and kind-hearted people. We must never think for one moment that we have been spared the devastation of a hurricane. For we know that the season has not yet passed. So, we can still receive a hurricane. Therefore, we must be prepared.

With the loss experienced in some countries, we can thus benefit in many areas. The united efforts of so many to help can benefit us as a people, in the sense of us working together, regardless of the political persuasion. It can be a springboard to our togetherness as a people.

Economically, we can benefit. Tourism, which was the main money earner of many countries that suffered loss, can now see an upward movement here in SVG, if we are prepared. For it is certain with the loss of hotels and damage to the physical and natural beauty of these countries, tourists would not be able to visit them right now. Thus, we can then become a site to visit and a place to relax for a vacation. We must capitalize on this opportunity by promoting our country as a tourist destination and must do more in developing our sites.

The expected medical students and others to this our blessed land to continue their studies will mean more rental of apartments and houses. This will definitely increase income generation, as money is received and spent on rent and utility bills and also groceries and other things of importance.

More can be learnt from these storms, but we will leave it at this point. So, as we continue to pray and help our brothers and sisters who have suffered so much loss, let us also be prepared to receive benefits that can be derived from these storms. May God bless SVG. Long live SVG.

Kennard King