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September 22, 2017
Mother’s cry

Echos from the radio,

hurricane warning they say,

kids taken from school,

work closes for the day,

all ships they say must stay at bay.

Supermarkets packed, Isles overflowing,

Crix selling out..some people just wandering about.

Talking joking “hurricane always ah come”

casually observing those who hurry to get home.

Pot of pelau on the stove,

windows getting nailed up,

battery radio on the table turned all the way up.

Candles come out of hiding, gas lanterns get dusted off.
Time to wait

Rain pounding, pouring, Pondering where to go,

trees in summoned sway taking her the rain to her elected stay.

Clouds darken patrollling the skies, the sun, feeling defeated, retreated.

The wind it came, spiraling through the sky,

bumping fists with everything in its path,

no compassion for its deadly aftermath.

wind and water teased earth,

made her cry devastating brown tears

that forced its way through to release her pain.

Mother is crying.. Mother is in pain..

© Janeele S Jackson