Our Readers' Opinions
September 5, 2017
SVG, it is time we seek the Lord

Editor: We have been hearing quite frequently of killings, accidents and disappearance at sea. Indeed such frequent occurrence is reason enough for us as Vincentians to stop and think what is happening to this blessed land of ours.

Is it that God is speaking to us as a people and we have not been listening? Is that He is beginning to judge us as a people? Indeed, it would do us good to give serious thoughts to these questions. However, we cannot deny that as the Bible says in Hebrews 9: 27, as it is appointed unto men once to die and after this the judgement. Indeed, it shows us how fragile life is, that we are here today and gone tomorrow.

Thus, I am encouraging us, as a people, to pay careful attention to our lives that we live. For many, God does not exist in their thoughts. For some, he is just someone we call upon in time of trouble. Thank God for those who consistently and faithfully seek to live the way he wants us to live and have placed him high on their priority.

As a people, we have been involved in so many ungodly things that God may be warning us. We no longer treasure God’s word and his values. We have been so divided as a people, due to political association. We have even created enemies and harbour anger and hatred due to politics. Have we forgotten that God sets up kings and will bring down kings? So, politicians would come and go, but Christ would always remain.

It is time that we let go of the hatred and unforgiveness and surrender our lives to Christ. It is time that see each other as valuable and put away the slandering and pulling down of each other. It is time that we take heed and repent. After all, life is short and death is sure. We are here today and gone tomorrow. Since no one of us knows when our time on earth would be up, let us love each other and live for Christ.

In the end, it is not what political party that we belong to would earn us a place in Heaven, but rather our lives we live and us turning away from sin and repenting of sins. For who knows, as God speaks and we fail to take heed, we can be in for very, very rough times and more tragedies. For “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” Psalm 33:12 and “the wicked shall turn into Hell and all the nations that forget God.” Psalm 9:17 .

SVG, it is time to seek the Lord. May God bless our nation, SVG.

Kennard King