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August 11, 2017

Officer Officer !!! Do help me Please!!!

Yesterday, Stella cried in vain
To the police she explained
Not cash from m-o-n-o-p-o-l-y
I paid for this course with reeeeal money
A promotion Stella felt she could get All,

well within, her online budget No,
not one single cause to travel

A degree at home, what a miracle

So off to College Stella went

No winter coat, not an extra cent That’

“University” was full of cheer As Stella’s
cash, it will not share

Of her new journey, she tells no one

Not Sue, not Sean, not even John

Stella feared they’ll just kill her dreams John will hear,

her achievement screams

Not so fast, there is a press release !!!
Many out of their earnings, are being fleeced In the online

and distance studies scams Yes, lines to all media houses are jammed

He-e-e-a-r, the doctor, from Canqate

states All, of you, MUST in—ves—ti–gate

The plot may be a ponzi scheme
Some human, beings are just that mean
Fifty thousand dollars, Stella paid in full,

This cannot be real this must be bull….
To the Police Stella went in a rage
These fellas she cried, must be put in a cage

Officers please!!! tell, tell, every one

The schools, the Banks, the Credit Unions

That they must check, with the NAB

This “cre-di-ta-tion” business is not just bout me

Officer, Officer, if it continues so
Many, to the asylum, or grave will go Officer,

Officer !!!, do help me please !!!
This terrible pain, o-o-o-o-h Officer ease !!!

© ZERO May 19th, 2014