Our Readers' Opinions
August 4, 2017
Question: How did Oscar Allen impact your life? How do you think he will be remembered?

Jomo Thomas

Oscar Allen was a phenomenal Vincentian man; he had a tremendous influence on my life. I got to know him more than four decades ago as a student at the St Martin’s Secondary School. He was a man of deep conviction, exceptional commitment to the ordinary working people of St Vincent and the Grenadines. He loved, he truly truly loved people. He was a great teacher; he always imparted really good ideas as to how we should advance as a people. I believe that Oscar’s contribution to the development of social consciousness and social criticism in SVG has a special place that cannot be filled by anyone for a long time to come.

Bevlian Horne

He was a community man, a man of integrity, a man of humility; even though he was high in status and education, he was very humble. He was a man that believed that the poor should be fed. I know that everyone in the community and throughout St Vincent who he impacted will miss him. His life would always be in our memory, in our life on a daily basis. I cannot describe anyone else like him; he was very humble.

Deon Fisher

I knew Brother A for a very long time; all of my years I knew him. Brother A was a committed man; he was a political activist. He has done so much for this community; he was so dedicated, very committed and Brother A was one of a kind. He was a good, good man to this nation.

Franciela Andrews

Oscar Allen was my neighbour and he was a real good man in this area. He taught us to be brave. This is a great man that we have lost. We will really miss him here in Diamonds.

Janet Shallow

Oscar Allen was a very loving man in the community. He always encouraged us in whatever we did. We will miss him greatly because he was a man who didn’t refuse to help us here in the community.

Tyrone Simmons

He was a community man and I look up to him as a role model. He looked out for poor people kids, especially their education. At Common Entrance time he would always come around to poor people children, find out how they did and if they could afford the school they pass to go to. If they cannot afford it, he was always willing to help and make sure they had what they need to get their education. I would remember him as a farmer. In times like these, he would organize fund-raising with local foods and come to my wife for limes, smoke herring and fry bakes.