Our Readers' Opinions
August 4, 2017
Dangerous tiles at Financial Complex

EDITOR: It is important that whenever we see anything amiss in our environment and surroundings where it puts the public at risk we bring it to the fore. And those of us who are able to speak for the less privileged and to reach the higher-ups with our means and influence should also avail ourselves of that opportunity to make a difference.

Upon my visit to the Financial Complex last week, I became very much aware of the tiles that are placed on the ground floor, especially those at the entrance of the Complex.

The matter concerns the danger these tiles, which are exposed to rain and water, pose to the public’s health and safety, as they are forced to walk on those wet tiles to go about their business.

There is no question that one has to walk carefully and gingerly on those tiles when they are wet. And even so, you risk falling and causing severe bodily harm.

I witnessed, with my own two eyes, two persons coming up the steps onto the wet tiles; it had just rained and one of them slipped and was held up by the other person, to escape the inevitable fall.

I have therefore made it my business to sound the alarm and to raise the red flag on those smooth tiles on the ground floor. I am calling on the relevant authorities to look into this matter and address this serious problem by having those tiles removed and replaced with rough surface tiles for the safety of all.

Mr Vincentian Citizen