Our Readers' Opinions
July 28, 2017
Kudos to the hard-working traffic police officers

EDITOR: We must compliment the hard-working traffic police, who are doing a good job. Of course, there would be the good and the bad; no system is perfect and so there would always be loopholes and room for improvement.

There is something of importance, however, that the traffic branch needs to look at and give attention. I am at a loss as to why persons are being clamped for parking in front the CIBC First Caribbean Bank. Vehicles parked there do not obstruct the free flow of the traffic. Private vehicles are also clamped occasionally when they are parked at the Little Tokyo Bus Terminal, in the parking spaces previously provid,ed for the Leeward buses. Since there is a Leeward Bus Terminal, those spaces are now vacant. To me these vehicles are not obstructing the free flow of traffic and yet they are clamped, while, in areas where there can be traffic congestion, vehicles are allowed to park freely. You take, for example, at Heritage Square, in front the RBTT Bank, vehicles are sometimes parked on both sides of the road. That street is a two-way street. So, how can two vehicles pass freely when vehicles are parked on both sides of the road? That is where obstruction takes place, yet vehicles are not clamped when they are parked there.

This, to me, does not look right. It is rather absurd. This is something the traffic department needs to look at. After all, we need to have things done right.

Thank you for your space. Let us hope that it would be looked at and that some changes be made.

Kennard King