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July 18, 2017
A vote of confidence for Carlos James

EDITOR: I offer a vote of confidence for Senator Carlos James as the representative who I believe will replace the incumbent Roland “Patel” Matthews in the next general elections, whenever it is called.

Mr James, even beforae entering into politics, has been making his contributions in many ways, including sponsoring of several sporting activities. He is the founder of Access to College Education Programme (ACEP), while still not yet a political candidate.

He could be found in North Leeward every week, once he is in the island. Yet, you would hear people say that they are not seeing him. He is always present at funerals, graduations and various activities. He has also organized self-help work and other activities.

It is under Mr James’ watch we now have the Cumberland Playing Field. It is also under his watch we are now seeing work being done on the German gutter, to be followed by the English gutter later on, plus the road at Rose Hall and other areas of North Leeward.

Mr James is instrumental in getting many persons from North Leeward into jobs, including the SET programme and YES programme; the list goes on… but he is a hard-working individual.

Compare that to the current representative, who has failed to turn up at most of the graduations held in North Leeward and has not been moving around to other communities and who excuses himself by saying that since he is in opposition he cannot help anyone.

If you are dissatisfied with Carlos James, ask yourself the question, “what is Patel doing to deserve re-election?” Of course, I know North Leeward would be better off with Carlos James as their elected representative.

While some may have an issue with who got the contracts for both gutters, you cannot blame Mr James, for it was tendered and the person was awarded the contract, based on the tendering. Maybe it is time that “Labour” contractors get certified and apply for jobs when they are put out for tendering.

Mr Carlos James, you are doing well and you deserve to be our elected representative come next elections, in the will of the Lord.

A man on the ground