Our Readers' Opinions
July 7, 2017
Open letter to Skinny Fabulous

 Dear Mr Fabulous, 

I have never been to one of your “Uncle Skinny’s Kids World” events and it is doubtful I ever will.  With that being said, let me take this opportunity to thank you for organizing this day of activities for our children. 

 You, being a past student of the Kingstown Anglican School, as well as a native of Green Hill, more than likely would have seen some of the end results of children who have not been given enough time or experience with the joys of childhood.

 Thank you for offering today’s children an escape from the harsh and ugly realities that plague our country.  Many of these children whose innocence has been stolen away, along with the lives of their parents, siblings or other relatives through violence, can, for one day, forget their troubles and just have pure fun.

 Thanks also to the sponsors who support your venture.  They can rest assured that the psychological rewards reaped by the children are well worth their sponsoring pains.

 Continue being fabulous, Mr Fabulous.