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June 9, 2017
Serious questions for Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves

EDITOR: I listened to St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves speaking about his life struggles and the difficulties he had as a child growing up. I honestly think that most Vincentians had a similar experience, because life in the ’60s was a challenge.

While Dr Gonsalves was relating his experience, my thoughts went back to people like Kerwyn Morris, Doug Walker James, Earlene Horne, Glen Jackson, Casper London, Victor Cuffy, Uncle Metro, Parnel Campbell QC, Renrick Rose, Blazer Williams, Jomo Thomas, Nelson Robinson, Patches Knights-King, Oscar Allen and Luzette King.

One may ask why mention Luzette King among these persons. It is because today, she is the only person who seems to have the courage to do what she is doing. Tell me who else you see doing something that is meaningful for the lives of Vincentians?

The development of our country depends on all, so there must be persons who should lead the fight for our country. Today, I am wondering what would be the thoughts of some of those persons I mentioned, about Dr Gonsalves’ actions.

PM Gonsalves overcame the struggle to get to where he is today and I often wonder if he forgot about the other people who also dedicated themselves to struggle in the interest of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Every time Gonsalves speaks, it’s all about him. Questions for Ralph Gonsalves: You once said to me a good leader should love the poor, so why are poor people finding it difficult to make ends meet? Which aspect of this country’s economy is showing growth? Agriculture, offshore sector, tourism, manufacturing and our productivity are struggling; are you satisfied with your efforts? Since you became Prime Minister can Vincentians say that you did what was expected? There are many Vincentians who did and are still doing; when would you put something in place to recognize their efforts?

This country is what it is today because of unsong heroes, it’s time for them to be recognized and stop making it seem as you are the only architect in our country’s development.

Dr Gonsalves, as Prime Minister you have tried, yet many Vincentians are suffering. There are persons around close to you who are feeding you with misinformation and it’s time to get rid of them. Yes, building the international airport is a success; building low income houses/homes must be commended. The question is why poor people seem to be getting poorer?

It’s very clear only a selected few are getting rich.

My biggest problem with Dr Gonsalves is that it appears he doesn’t trust Vincentians. Dr Gonsalves, stop making it seem as if you are the only Vincentian who is making a sacrifice for this country and it’s development… Use the time you have left as Prime Minister to try and improve poor people’s lives; these are the persons who you are going to meet after your retirement. Doc, in order to know where you are going, you should remember where you came from.

Think about your legacy; it might come back to haunt you!

Alfred Bernard