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June 2, 2017
Charles vociferous on social problems affecting youths

EDITOR: Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Deborah “Debbie” Charles expatiated on problems affecting young people on Wednesday, May 24, on Star FM’s nightly programme, ‘ULP speaks’.

Charles was duly concerned about the immoral behaviour of the nation’s young people, citing their close association with cyberspace and the perversion to which they are exposed.

“Young people live in cyberspace,” explained the former primary school teacher, a martinet in her own right, adding that “it is a traffic that is difficult to control.”

“They live cyberspace,” she continued.

Charles expressed alarm about young vagabonds breaking into schools, noting that principals go the extra mile to purchase materials for the betterment of the schools they manage and for these young criminals to take away the schools’ resources means that they are depriving the children of their personal development.

“Criminal are not born, they are bred,” emphasized the former educator, who felt that they should be given the full weight of the law.

Callers to the programme congratulated and supported Charles, who expressed concern for the children of this nation’s education, while denouncing the pornographic exposure on social media.

“Education changes our perspective on life,” she affirmed, and she was confident that “it gives us a new lease on life”.

Patmos Richards