Our Readers' Opinions
May 26, 2017
Have pity for Haiti, please!

EDITOR: At times, you may hear statements such as, “The people in Haiti are too wicked! They doing too much iniquity! So they have to suffer! Good for them!”

True, God does not approve of any form of iniquity/spiritism. Deuteronomy 18:10 -12; Revelation 21:8. However, does this mean that we must condemn Haitians and view them as wicked? Is every Haitian involved in iniquity? Does it mean that we must not be concerned at all about disasters that affect Haitians? Are we aware of the level of suffering many Haitians experience? For example, think of poor Haitian parents having to feed themselves and their children with mud cakes; yes, dirt, salt and margarine mixed together with water. People, isn’t this something to be pitied?

If Jesus were on earth today, can we imagine Jesus merely condemning Haitians, viewing them as no good, completely worthless? Based on Jesus’ own statements recorded at Luke 12:6, 7, 24, we know that Jesus would have viewed Haitians, as well as people in general, as having more value than sparrows and being better than fowls.

For those Haitians involved in spiritism, Jesus would have seen them as persons needing spiritual help to change their way of life, thus having pity on them. Mark 6:34; Luke 19:10. (Of course, not only Haitians are involved in spiritistic practices.) From His present location in heaven, Jesus, and also His Father, feel sorry for suffering Haitians. Acts 7:56.

If we were Haitians, would we have wanted other nations to view us as having very little or no worth? Luke 6:31. Why not adopt Jesus’ view and feel sorry for the poor Haitians! 1 Peter 2:21. Don’t be merciless! Feel compassion for them. Have some pity for Haiti, please!

Simeon James