Our Readers' Opinions
May 16, 2017
Whom do our issues concern?

For years we bawling about this old flour mill road, the lands purchased from the Government, so whom does the infrastructure concern?

Year go, year come. Road getting worse, vehicles losing parts.

Whom does it concern?

Storms go, storm come. We try a different route, is Bragsa we go.

But like is not their concern.

Red rats in the neighborhood; we bawl to dem too, thinking at least dem go get listen to, but…..

Whom does it concern?

Trees of nature in the house; we listening to hear if it finally going get some recognition, but it seems like is not his concern.

We ain’t begging for Dipcon, we ain’t begging for workmen,

Just a little material, a little communication.

So please, somebody tell me,

Whom does it concern?

A concerned West St George constituent