Our Readers' Opinions
May 12, 2017
Another look at gays

EDITOR: Much has been written and spoken concerning homosexuality. However, I would like to take another look at this group. Today, homosexuality is widely accepted, not only here in SVG, but around the world. So much so that “gays” are asking for rights and governments are pressured into accepting this lifestyle and passing legislation to make it legal for them to marry and not be discriminated against.

While we ought to love them as Jesus would, we should reject this practice and speak out against it. We must never embrace and entertain this lifestyle. We must love and pray for them, but hate and reject such abomination.

We should reject the idea that it is genetic and that a person could be born a gay. Rather, it is a chosen lifestyle and learned behaviour.

The Bible speaks out against it in Romans 1: 27 and 28 and God sees it as an abomination. Therefore, as a Christian nation, we ought to follow the footsteps of Christ and reject the lifestyle.

I am glad I am not a politician, for governments today are faced with the challenge of legalizing homosexuality. Failure to do so can result in losing funding for projects. Indeed, what a world we are living in.

The Lord loves homosexuals and is willing to save them. We have a responsibility to pray for them and also love them. Let us also continue to pray for our children. They can very well become attracted to this lifestyle and so becomes entrapped. Only God can save this nation from such an abomination. It is time to pray and live for God

Kennard King