Our Readers' Opinions
May 5, 2017
Say NO! I am NOT going to race!

EDITOR: Has a driver invited you to race with him or her? If so, did you say “NO! I am NOT going to race with you or anyone?” Did you really mean what you said? Did you encourage that driver to drive carefully?

It is the height of top-class stupidity when a person unnecessarily puts his or her life at risk by driving with excessive speed. When a person does so, he or she shows a lack of intelligence, yes, a lack of commonsense! Recently, some teenagers and others in their 20s have taken up a bad, senseless habit of driving recklessly. The result at times is minor or major injuries, or even death. Life is SWEET! It is a precious gift from the God of “Everlasting Strength.” Psalm 127:3; Isaiah 26:4. Are we telling God that we do not value the life he gave us? Are we telling God that he should not have created us? Revelation 4:11.

Parents, I am asking you, please. Tell your children who drive to drive carefully. Urge them to drive, using their God-given brain in a sensible way; to stop driving in a way that puts their lives and others at great risk! Proverbs 27:12. Seriously warn them!

To the youths who drive recklessly, I say: Please, sit down and think hard. Ask yourself: Does it make any sense for me to speed for a little fun and then possibly end up seriously injured, or worse yet, end up DEAD? DO NOT offer to race with anyone! DO NOT accept any invitation to race from another driver! If offered, Say NO! I am NOT going to race! DO NOT drink alcohol and drive! That is very risky too! Like God’s servant David, be thankful for the life God gave you. Psalm 139:14; Colossians 3:15.

Please, drive with commonsense! Don’t be stupid! Do NOT race!