Our Readers' Opinions
May 5, 2017
Bush fires

EDITOR: Bush fires seem to be a common practice in these modern times. Most of the bush fires that occur are mischievously set. While some of those who light these fires do it for fun, it is a very dangerous practice.

Time and again, we have been warned about the dangers of these fires, yet this practice continues.

It would seem as though this practice would not stop until someone is jailed. Even then, it would not stop entirely, but at least it would put a scare in some who take pleasure in doing so.

Can you imagine the dangers that this causes when top soil is eroded and become loose as a result? It can lead to serious landslides. These can further lead to damage of property and loss of lives. There was an incident where soil was washed away, destroying houses and lives because of erosion during heavy rains. A careful investigation would have revealed that the bank was constantly burned during the dry season, resulting in erosion of the bank, as there was no grass to reinforce the top soil.

While it is fun for some, it is death and destruction for others. Therefore, I call on those who take pleasure in bush fires to desist. I further call on the police to be vigilant and look out for persons who are involved in such activities..

I would further suggest that when such persons are caught that they be given stiff penalties. Let us, as a people, respect each other. Let us help preserve our environment. For failing to do so, can result in death and destruction to others, some of whom may be friends or relatives of the same perpetrators.

Kennard King