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May 5, 2017
‘A Dying Nation’

By Adrian Wright

Pride has become his greatest addiction,

Money has become his god, his only motivation….

It’s sad seeing all these people suffer,

No clothes, no food and no shelter.

This Dictatorship, this greed, all this is wrong,

Everything shut down like Skepta’s song.

Inflation, people crying, what is this man doing?

On TV casting blame on others… in other words, doing nothing.

Rise in Crime, over 4,000 murders in just one year,

This man is a heartless creature, he doesnt care.

It now costs a book bag filled with cash to buy a bag of bread,

This is so sad, its like living on your death bed.

Now I see, this is like Deja vu to me,

The beginning of the end for us… yes, take a peek.

This man is not friends with Moses, so why hide behind the law?

Maybe he thinks he is Judge Dredd screaming ‘I am the law.’

He is forgetting the most important fact of all,

One day my Lord, we all will die and stand before God.

On that day, you will tremble, cry and fall on your knees,

Begging your Creator, ‘Oh please, have mercy on me!’

Thats when God will look down upon your wretched soul,

And his reply will shake mountains as the prophets foretold.

‘Cease your noise, your life was such a wicked one,

And the damage was done, now Hell awaits you my son’.

And as you are dragged off into the eternal abyss,

By the same demons that you co-signed with,

Remember, that a Vincentian poet wrote this.

(c) 2017