Our Readers' Opinions
March 28, 2017
FLOW’s service and overall performance terrible

EDITOR: When I complained about poor cable TV reception and sporadic outages, or irregular telephone service, the FLOW technician dispatched indicated I should just turn on the cable box and leave it on, and never sign off the broadband modem. Getting back on could take hours and be a problem. The telephone problem was diagnosed as a water problem in the ground where their cable links to my house; if it persists, they will have to replace the cable. Huh? Why not replace it now, before it rains again?

  A number of my acquaintances and associates in Campden Park, and other parts of the island as well, have complained to me of telephone outages lasting for days and their children not being able to make Internet connections and thus not completing homework assignments, or being kicked off the Internet regularly.

  Congratulations to FLOW on one year of deteriorating service and overall poor performance. Must we look forward to the same in the future?

I AM Fed up and switching to Digicel and satellite TV.

Albert Hipple