Our Readers' Opinions
March 21, 2017
Let’s celebrate our soccer history with a new development plan

EDITOR: The year 2017 should be interesting and exciting, as players and teams are having to adopt FIFA recommendations of “team changing into club” with the requisite requirements. This period of transition requires all, but learning and discipline could have adverse effects on the future of our players and the sport.

Spectators, sponsors and fans should all be aware of these requirements, which will enable them to be prepared for the changes; also to give what necessary assistance they can, in time.

March 22, 2017 marks 25 years since Team SVG played its first preliminary World Cup game. It is a significant date, a moment of history, and we all should be celebrating the various anniversaries of sports. That way, we will always ignite passion and togetherness.

Since our entrance, we have not moved from the bottom position of that preliminary group standing; this shows that since receiving FIFA technical and financial assistances in 1992, SVGFF has not shown any sign of improvement.

The question remains – what should be done practically to afloat Team SVG? As “knowledge comes first”, all voting affiliates should sit on the various sub-committees and be a part of the decision-making, knowing when and what comes to the SVGFF from FIFA and who gets what to assist, when developing the sport.

They will be involved in planning realistically the nation’s development soccer plan, with the use of our resources; having better prepared and organized teams/clubs competing in all of our local soccer competition and reinforcing correct practices. With monitoring and assessment, we will all be able to recognize if the process is working or not, but if we continue to offer lip service, nothing will happen. Administering the implementation of the development process is what is needed. If the executive knew what to do we would not be in this position.

What is practised and played in the various community competitions is transmitted to the national teams. We cannot continue the ways of the executive, not knowing what is required and when, and the length of time the development process takes. Therefore, I am asking the voting affiliates, coaches, team owners and players to sit and agree on a preparation plan for 2017 onwards.

Team SVG made seven World Cup attempts, with six foreign coaches and are still at the bottom. Lots of money has been used and abused and 25 years later, there still is no development plan. The only things assisting the development of soccer are the over 35s, nine-a-side, coaching clinics for boys and girls, which were all introduced by individuals and not by the SVGFF executives, all of which I am a founding member.

Exactly what development programme the executive has implemented that is keeping Team SVG in the cellar position? Supporters, sponsors and voting affiliates would like to know, so they can either change the programme or the executive. Promoters and corporate SVG should also share their ideas and make sure something positive is done.

To celebrate 25 years though, we should, at the opening of the various Community Competitions 2017, have two top teams/clubs from 2016 playing with some members of 1992 World Cup team. This token of appreciation will bring honour and respect to the pioneers. To those in the diaspora, please help!

Seymour Rollit Walrond