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March 17, 2017
Get more serious about using life jackets

EDITOR: We say, “Thank God the Bequia Express did not sink!” That was a very scary experience the schoolchildren, crew, and others had on the ferry recently, when a massive wave almost resulted in a tragedy. What a disaster that would have been! Can this experience be now used as a wake-up call for us to be more conscious about USING life jackets, not just being aware of them being on board.

Life jackets are available, but despite rough seas, we tend not to think about them much. Aeroplanes have air hostesses informing passengers on how to use life jackets in case of possible trouble. Catamarans carrying tourists to the Grenadines have tour guides informing tourists similarly. Could the same be done on the ferries taking passengers to and from the Grenadines?

With climate change causing tropical lows or other weather features affecting the Atlantic, resulting in very rough seas at times, I do think ferry operators should get much more serious about informing passengers on the use of life jackets and probably pass them around to passengers when encountering very rough seas.

People, you can view short videos online on how to use at least five different kinds of life jackets to prevent drowning. Though we hope not, a marine disaster can happen any time. Ecclesiastes 9:11. What has not happened in a thousand years can happen in one day.

Be realistic! We are grateful to all the ferry operators for their useful services. Life is precious to the Almighty God. Psalm 36:9; Psalm 127:3. It should be precious to us too.

May we get more serious about using life jackets to possibly save lives in the future.