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March 17, 2017
Cyber crime laws should be used to teach a lesson

EDITOR: The cyber laws 2016 ought to be used by us Vincentians when the situation arises. Far too often persons have been using social media to blackmail and defame other persons’ characters. Sometimes they use this media to bully and harass persons. With the coming on stream of this law, it gives the victims redress.

It is so sad that persons would use social media to make others look bad, or to take revenge on someone. The law seeks to protect persons who have been victims of others, who, without consent, have placed on social media private and personal information. Also when pictures of private parts and other sexual things are placed on social media or circulated without the consent of the person or persons involved, those who do such acts can be charged. Cyber bullying can also be addressed.

Most of the crimes carry a penalty of up to $200,000, and/or a prison sentence of three years. Some also carry a penalty of $100,000 and imprisonment of two years.

It is for us to be careful what we put on social media and also it is time that the law be used to teach a lesson to others who are bent on destroying people’s character. There is far too much abuse on social media. There are far too many persons who, without consideration for the other person’s character, have been posting things that are untrue and can cause fear. Also, there are those who take pleasure in destroying others by the transmission of information that sometimes is, private, or false.

The recent circulation stating that La Soufrière is acting up is mischievous and false. These persons should be charged. There are other instances where persons use social media to cause fear amongst people and such persons, under the law, can be charged.

I therefore call upon persons to desist from posting defamatory material on other persons. I also wish that the law be used and so teach others a lesson. It is time that someone be made a public example. When that is done, it would send a warning to others that this practice will not be tolerated. Let peace reign upon us.

Kennard King