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March 7, 2017
International Women’s Day 2017 – Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Message by

Beverly Richards

Presdient, the National Council of Women

The theme for International Women’s Day, 8 March, 2017, focuses on “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030”.

The world of work is changing, and with significant implications for women. On one hand, we have globalization, technological and digital revolution and the opportunities they bring, and on the other hand, the growing informality of labour, unstable livelihoods and incomes, new fiscal and trade policies and environmental impacts-all of which must be addressed in the context of women’s economic empowerment.

In 2015, world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, placing gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls at the heart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Achievement of the goals, including ending poverty, promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, reducing inequalities within and between countries, and achieving gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls, rests upon unlocking the full potential of women in the world of work.

Measures that are key to ensuring women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work must include bridging the gender pay gap, which stands at 24 per cent globally; recognizing women’s unpaid care and domestic work and addressing the gender deficit in care work; as well as addressing the gender gaps in leadership, entrepreneurship and access to social protection; and ensuring gender-responsive economic policies for job creation, poverty reduction and sustainable, inclusive growth.

Additionally, policies must count for the overwhelming majority of women in the informal economy, promote women’s access to innovative technologies and practices, decent work and climate-resilient jobs and protect women from violence in the work place.

On International Women’s Day, UN Women calls upon all actors to Step It Up for Gender Equality towards a Planet 50-50 by 2030.

NCW Inspiration

The National Council of Women, partners and other women organizations in St Vincent and the Grenadines and the Global environ, will on Wednesday March 8, 2017 celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD). This is a global day in which the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of Women are celebrated and the day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Let us reaffirm our commitment to women’s rights, let us defend our human rights, as a violation of human rights will devalue our society. Let us move forward with courage and determination; we should never let our fears prevent us from doing what we know is right.

In addition, let us foster an inclusive environment and believe that regardless of gender, the full value of each individual’s contribution can be realized only when we treat one another with respect, trust and dignity. Inclusion drives business results. The diversity of unique talents, skills, abilities and experiences lead to innovative solutions and more successful entrepreneurs and businesses, more empowered women and girls and a stronger economy. Addressing gender parity is the first step in a broader, more intentional diversity and inclusion journey.

As agents of change and empowerment, let us move forward despite the indecisions that tries to hinder our progress, we must place gender equality at the ebb of all development, we must support women’s empowerment as a transformational force for human rights, for economic growth, for sustainability.

The heart of a woman is what

makes the world keep turning.
They bring joy, hope and love.

They have compassion and ideas.

They give moral support to their

family and friends.

Women have vital things to say

and everything to give.



Author unknown

Congratulations to women and girls as we celebrate International Women’s Day from the National Council of Women.